About the Whisky Barrel Rocker

When setting out the criteria for the design we had three things in mind, originality of design, sustainability and affordability. The barrel rocker is the first of many designs we hope to achieve using this criteria.

 We also wanted to keep the barrel as intact as possible so that the beauty of the barrel was kept, with as little fuss as possible. The inside of the barrel and its whisky soaked oak is exposed. Durable, these are perfect for enjoying a whisky during our long hot summers...!

We think you will agree that the rockers are both original and fun. The rockers at present come in three different sizes – all the designs use barrel slats as skids which allow the seats to rock back and forth like a rocking chair. All designs vary depending on the condition of the barrel when opened. Please see photos for more info. On the various designs.

The tables now come in two different designs, Oval slatted and closed round. The stools vary in size according to the width of the staves used. Please again refer to the photo gallery.

All the furniture is now finished with Teak Oil.

Durability and Care

All of our Barrel furniture is made with Oak, this is a timber that is very durable in outside conditions, it will however expand and contract according to weather conditions wet or dry, so don't be alarmed when small gaps appear between each slat of the seat this is normal in drier hotter conditions. The Oak has been finished with Teak Oil. It is recommended that you treat the furniture at least once a year to protect it from the elements.

In winter we suggest that the rockers are put under shelter to protect them from the very wet weather, we would suggest a shed or garage.covering them with tarpaulin or something similar is not recommended.

Rocker usage

All Rockers are only recommended for use by one adult at a time. The full length rockers can be used by say two small children, however the Rockers are only designed for one person, mainly due to the shape of the barrels.